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Meet Shannon from Dope Foto

With cannabis events in Las Vegas growing rapidly in scale and scope, attendees want to find more memorable ways to remember those very fun events. While a photo booth is certainly a fun and creative way to remember a quality cannabis event, a full-fledged photo shoot on par with a Vanity Fair cover hosted by an acclaimed and talented photographer takes the memory of the event to an entirely new level. Whereas a photo booth is cute and catchy, a photo shoot is not only incredibly empowering but those professionally done photos could even be used for business purposes as well.

So when Shannon Dorn of Dope Foto and Cannect Hospitality combined forces to create, Las Vegas cannabis events were in for quite a memorable and game-changing surprise. Years before this, Dorn grew her roots in the early Nevada cannabis scene.

Originally coming from the wedding photography industry, Dorn saw a huge opportunity for work when Nevada legalized cannabis. All those cultivations would surely need photos of their crops and buds and dispensaries would need quality photos for marketing and retail purposes.

Photo: Shannon Dorn by Sonia Barcelona, Photos for the People

“I started coming up with a master plan of how I could be the cannabis photographer for all these companies.” Dorn explained. “When these businesses opened, I could approach them with a plan.”

After seeking the most wise advice from her grandfather, the owner of Mrs. Patio Outdoor Furniture, he advised to apply to work directly at these dispensaries. This sage advice worked, as Dorn soon landed her first opportunity at Oasis Cannabis. She quickly went from taking the photos for the dispensary window wraps to planning events and marketing initiatives. Through her community events and outreach, Dorn became connected with more canna-business operators who needed a photographer with her keen eye for capturing people, plants and products.

Dorn has since expanded her services to many big brands that have been sold in the Las Vegas Valley, including City Trees, Deep Roots Harvest, Matrix and both Desert Grown Farms and Cannabiotix.

Photos: Dope Foto, Shannon Dorn

Dorn and Jenn T of Cannect had worked together for many years previously, and given that there will eventually be up to 40 different consumption lounges open in Nevada, the two entrepreneurs saw the necessity in creating a listing site for all these lounges.

Cannect wanted to build a listing site and photography service where they send guests to the venues and then capture photos of them enjoying cannabis. From that idea, Shannon curated more of an interactive photo shoot where they can really capture the essence of people and create a memory that they would hold onto.

"My solution for this to be unique was an interactive photo sesh rather than a photo booth or like candid photos that people take at nightclubs. That’s when the Dope Foto "Sesh" was created We wanted dope souvenir photos that people could show off the next day."

First debuting at The Farechild post-Champs party this July, the photos certainly stayed true to the promise of capturing everyone’s best and most iconically true essences. At the recent Chamber of Cannabis Halloween Costume Ball, photographic magic struck again with the Knowheretosmoke Dope Foto Sesh and this time, everyone being photographed were in their best costumes.

“I had a lot of fun shooting all the photos with all the costumes and helping people get into character.”

With the consumption lounges soon to open, Knowheretosmoke and Dope Foto have some very big plans. Along with being the premier listing site for the lounges, Dorn wants the platform to serve as a database of photographic memories of these groundbreaking cannabis events.

“We want to create special moments for people to cherish. We are trying to be at every consumption event we can be to really pop off the Dope Foto sesh.”

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